Saturday, October 01, 2005

Back on the grind...

I got a new job that pays pretty good and i've been playing alot of live poker. I've been pretty much cleaning up the games and studying the math part that i never wanted to learn before.

Poker Championship

I have registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Championship!

This event is powered by PokerStars.

Registration code: 3259854

I've been saving up money to make a pretty big deposit online so i can start playing some higher limit's first. I guess it's not really high limit's i plan on playing, but it's high limit's considering what i usually play. I've kept up with alot of the blogs lately and will be posting more once i get my game back online.

Good luck at the tables!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Wow -

Just wanted to post this up real quick. C_a_flopp has been raising every pot before this with any 2 cards. Then talking trash to the people he sucks out on.

Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 26/Aug/05 06:27:01
c_a_floppp is at seat 0 with 3665.
Hero is at seat 1 with 2090.
CITY81 is at seat 2 with 3170.
joeale1 is at seat 5 with 1890.
peadko is at seat 6 with 1330.
SqueakyAKQJ10 is at seat 8 with 1370.
Aspicer324 is at seat 9 with 1485.
The button is at seat 5.
peadko posts the small blind of 5.
SqueakyAKQJ10 posts the big blind of 10.
c_a_floppp: -- --
Hero: 5h 5s
CITY81: -- --
joeale1: -- --
peadko: -- --
SqueakyAKQJ10: -- --
Aspicer324: -- --
Aspicer324 folds. c_a_floppp raises to 180.
Hero calls. CITY81 calls. joeale1 folds.
peadko folds. SqueakyAKQJ10 folds.
Flop (board: 2s 7s 5d):
c_a_floppp bets 555. HelpMeGetRich goes all-in for
1910. CITY81 folds. c_a_floppp calls.
Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:
c_a_floppp shows Th Ac.
Hero shows 5h 5s.
Turn (board: 2s 7s 5d 4c):
(no action in this round)
River (board: 2s 7s 5d 4c 3c):
(no action in this round)
c_a_floppp has Ac 2s 5d 4c 3c: straight, five high.
Hero has 5h 5s 5d 7s 4c : three fives.

c_a_floppp wins 4375 with straight, five high.

---------- ---

No real reason for this post. Just kinda steamed and thought if i shared his stupidty with someone else i'd feel better.

It worked.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I'm still here -

Hey guys, it's been awhile since i've updated because i really haven't had much to write about. I have a huge overdraft on my bank that i need to pay off but really don't want to. I've been saying i'm going to pay it when i get money for about 3 month's now, but everytime i have the money to pay it i decide to do something else with it. So, i haven't been able to deposit and play any online for the longest time. I have been playing home games though and doing pretty damn good in them. It's not the greatest thing to brag about (dominating a home game) but i guess it's better then nothing. Just met a guy at my regular game the other night who likes to do bigger buy-in tourney's and higher limit's. I'm looking forward to a call from him and getting in some bigger games.

I've been avidly reading everyone else's blog's and playing the Party Poker Freeroll at night. Since i have no way of depositing, i'm just hoping to hit a nice place and start off a bankroll from there. It's capped at 1000 people and top 30 pay (1st is $500). Just started playing recently and made a deal with my friend Alan to split whatever each of us cash in the tourney 50/50. Alan got a $25 cash the first night and two nights ago i got a $40. I sent my part over to him on party and had him transfer to me on UB to play tourney's with. I got bored though and was in the ring game with it trying to get a decent bankroll going. I had my aces cracked by KJ and that was the end of the run. The players on UB are usually so tight but i love the MTT's they have. I should of waited and took a shot at a nice MTT but i didn't.

In other things -

I just finished 'Runaway Jury' by John Grisham. I've read every John Grisham book now and it's kind of dissapointing that there's no more to read. He's a great author and i'd reccomend him to anybody that likes to read. James Grippando is similar to his writing style and writes very good books as well. Football season's coming up and i'm hoping the Chiefs improve there defense this year so we can go somewhere. If there's anymore KC fans out there let me know!
I'll try to update more regularly but i'm just kind of in a slump right now.

Farewell bloggers.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Going to deposit on Party Poker and Ultimate Bet later this week, but lately i've been playing the UB Freeroll's for some practice and maybe another TEC shot. Sometimes i wish i could just choke some of the people that play in these. I know it's free entry, but you get the opportunity to play in a big tourney for free if you place. I mostly just goof off in the bonus freerolls but this one actually had a decent prize. I played in the Weekly on sunday where top 10 won an entry into any $100+9 tourney of there choice. Early in the tournament i get KK on the button (Blinds 25/50) and i raise to 300 and get 1 caller from mid-position . The flop comes 7 3 10 and the guy bets out 200, i push all-in completely expecting a missed AK or KQ to fold and give me the pot. The guy think's for along time and then calls and rolls over AK offsuit, and you guessed it... and ace on the turn and blank on the river.

I didn't say anything but i watched the chat window and saw people telling him what a bad call he had made. He said "I was pot commited and i didn't think he had anything". Well Dildo, you had 4k in chips and only 500 in the pot with absolutely nothing, I bet you drool when you talk. But i guess it's better then actually losing money, it's still annoying though.

On a better note, Thanks to Low Limit Grinder and Acorn Man for linking me up and helping me get started. If there is anybody out there in Kansas City or St Joseph that's wanting to get a good weekly home game started, get a hold of me. I might take a second trip down to Miami, Oklahoma to play in some tourney's and the $100 NL down there. You only have to be 18 to play and i have 6 month's until i turn 21. My first experience was good, placing 5th in the money in a $20 buy-in tourney for $60 profit and tearing up the 3/6 game. But I was a dumbass and lost most of it in blackjack, I've learned my lesson from that though.

I watched "Feeling Minnesota" on Starz last night. I've never even heard of the movie but i was flashing through the Guide and saw Keannu Reeves and Cameron Diaz and figured it couldn't be that bad. MY GOD, was i wrong! Watching this movie was the Equivalent of having someone punch me in the teeth multiple times while playing Nelly music full blast in my ear. I could go on a full fledge rant about everything that was wrong with it but i don't want Feeling Minesota to consume and ruin 5 more minutes of my life. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE.

Be sure and check out - My friend Alan's site. He's my partner in crime in poker and an all around smart ass. He created this list to record the name's and hands of the donkey's we suck out on when giving the leeroy jenkin's warcry. It's always fun to give these guys a taste of there own medicine. For some odd reason, when i just typed medicine... Bon Jovi started playing in my head. Wait, no... i'm kidding. OK BYE!

More to come later!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hanging around -

Not to much to update on lately because i haven't really played anywhere. I'm waiting on my cashout from ACR so i can start the bankroll back up again. The lady's visiting her family in Pennsylvania until August 7th, so i'm taking advantage of staying up all night and sleeping all day. I placed in the TEC freeroll over at Ultimate Bet, so this afternoon i'll be playing in the TEC weekly with the other winners. Top 10 in this tournament wins a TEC (Tournament Entry Chip) good for $100 + 9 tourney of my choice. My friend Alan also placed in the same tourney i did. He's already got one TEC win under his belt, he's going for his 2nd so he can play a $200 + 9.

We also played in the other TEC Qualifying tournaments just to knock people out for fun. We weren't eligible to qualify for the weekly again but that didn't stop us from re-raising these donkey's with crappy hands and going for the big suck out. My favorite one to date was Alan pushing his chips in to a raise, then a re-raise. Original Raiser number one had Pocket Kings, The Re-Raiser had Pocket Aces, and Alan decided 74 suited had them both beat. Pressing the 'Enter' key to summon the battle cry, Alan pushed his chips in with such might that the tables at Ultimate Bet began to lag and freeze up. The flop came 2 J 9, followed by 7 on the turn and 4 on the river. FREEEEEEEEEDDOOM!!!!

For more about the 'Battle Cry' mentioned previously, check this link - - It's a must see

Friday, July 29, 2005

Starting from scratch -

Right before America's Card Room changed there software, i had placed first in a freeroll with only 90 entrants. First prize was a whopping $5. I took the $5 into a $10 NL game and grinded it out and doubled up a few times until i was sitting at an even $25. I figured what the hell, it was just freeroll money anyways and decided to play the .50/1 NL game and see what i could do. I got some cards and bruised a few donkey's and walked away from that session at $153.75.

My computer was stolen not to long after that and the money was still in my account, so when i got my PC back a few weeks ago i jumped on ACR and decided to play with my money. I was down around $100 when i played a $5 + 50 Multi Table Tourney and placed 2nd for $356 profit. Played some ring games and won another hundred and cashed out a cool $550 off of that one freeroll. I got sick of playing at pacific poker when there's much better sites out there, so after i recieve my cash out from ACR, i'll be depositing and starting my bankroll on Ultimate Bet.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Welcome to my Blog.

Introduction -

I've written this in hopes to provide some entertainment to others, and to give me something to
do while i'm online playing poker. I'm 20 years old and from St Joseph, Missouri. I play mostly Low Limit Games like $.25/$.50 No Limit and Multi Table Tournaments. I've been playing Hold Em' since i was about 16, along with other mixed games. I was playing the home game's still but i decided to try to play online to see how i'd fair up against somebody other then my friends.

I logged onto Pacific Poker and deposited the minimum $20 to begin real money play. I started out playing the $10 Buy-In - No Limit Games, and $10 Buy-In, 5 seat Sit & Go Tournaments.
My bankroll was up and down from $20 to $80 for first week until i caught on and started playing a little tighter. Over the next few weeks I Built it up just over $200 when i decided to take a shot at the $1/2 NL game. I bought in for $100, and went on complete and utter tilt when my low set full house lost to a higher set full house. I rebought for the rest of my money and chased, called, and blew it all in about an hour, playing horribly trying to make back my precious $100. Then to make matters worse, i went into the deposit screen and put $200 more on and sat back down at the same table. Same results and i was broke again. That was my first real lesson in Poker. Tilt.

After that i took a breather from the whole thing and took the time to sit back and read and study the game. I realized how stupid i had been for trying to make my money back quick, and i read about how others had done the same thing. After a few weeks i was ready to jump back into the game, making a $50 deposit and going back to the lower limit games i was good at. I started cashing $50-100 a week and playing more SNG's for practice in the bigger tourney's. To make a long story short, i was doing great until me and my girlfriend's apartment got broken into and our computer was stolen. They also took a bunch of DVD's and our 36inch screen TV.

Just a few weeks ago we found out it was one of the regulars in our home games that i've probably taken 3 to 4 hundred off of anyways. We got our computer back but he refused to give the name of the person with our TV. I guess 2 for 1 isn't bad but it's still a kick in the balls, especially with football season coming up. Well, enough of this already. That's the brief story of where i'm at right now, more to come soon.